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Q: I am currently a commission stylist and I'm scared my clients won't follow me.


A. This is a totally normal concern to have. Let me remind you that your clients see you for YOUR talent. Fear is a natural companion on such ventures, but remember, your clients follow not just a location but your skill, style, and charisma. Trust in your skills, creativity, and the relationships you’ve built. Embrace the change and let your passion for hairstyling guide you into this next chapter of your career.

Q. Commission feels safe. I have a busy clientele, but what if all my clients decide they hate me. Then I can't pay rent and I have to sell feet pics and why am I even thinking about doing this in the first place?


A.  I wanted to show how quickly our head can spiral, when we feel uncomfortable.   Embarking on the journey of opening your own studio suite is undoubtedly intimidating but remember that growth often comes hand in hand with discomfort. Think of how determined you were when you signed up for trade school. You have come so far since then, and if you are here its likely because you are ready to grow again. The initial discomfort paves the way for lasting success. Believe in your passion, hone your skills, and view each challenge as a steppingstone toward the fulfilling and prosperous future you envision for your studio suite.

Q. I've always wanted my own space. My head is spinning with how I would even get started with everything.


A. Once you have had a tour of the space, we send out a detailed welcome package. It has all the info and links you need to open your own suite. We are available to help with the process if you get overwhelmed and have any additional questions.

Q. How much does it cost to open a studio suite?

A. That really depends on you. Generally, the official side of things like getting your LLC and business license are going to be around $150*. (this is just a general estimate) All suites will come supplied with a sink. You will need to purchase a chair and whatever storage you would like. You also don't have to purchase these things new; they can be purchased second hand. I used a hutch I bought for $89 to store my color in and always got a ton of compliments. You also don't need to go out and buy and entire color line or retail. You can purchase color as you need it per client and then buy more when you are able. Also, a lot of retail lines offer affiliate links for sales. You don't have to sell the products and pay for them upfront. You can give your clients a code and normally they give you a commission. All the suites have the ability to be customized and this is you how much or how little you want to do. This is all set up so that the average beauty professional can open their own space with minimal expenses. Owning your own business is more obtainable than ever and without the costs of a huge buildout.

Q. I'm scared about having the clients to support my rent and overhead.


A. Something that sets us apart at C.B. Hair Suites is we want you to be successful. I have been a stylist in the industry for over 20 years. I have changed locations, names, retail lines you name it. I really started being successful when I changed my attitude towards my business. When I stopped working in my business and started working on it. I made the personal decision that I was going to be successful at this no matter what. This really cool thing happened when I did that. I stopped letting doubt and fear and every excuse not to get in my way of success. There will aways be fear getting in the wat of your success, it's time to decide how bad you want it. Of course, you are scared, make the decision not to fail. Make a commitment to yourself that you want this, and you will do whatever it takes to make it work. Single suites cost an average of $50 a day. If you really sit down and come up with a plan, that is a very achievable goal. By plan I mean, not just hoping that people show up, that you put the work in to guarantee they show up. 

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