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Our Story

At C.B. Hair Suites we think you know what's best for your salon or spa business.


Who can open a Suite?

To provide a space where salon and spa professionals can run their own businesses. We think it's time you were in the driver's seat and called the shots for your business. We just provide the space to allow you to do so. We are available to:

  • Hair professionals

  • Estheticians

  • Massage Therapists

  • Cosmetic Tattooing

  • Nails

  • Eye-Lash Professionals 

  • Tattoo Artist

  • Cosmetic Injectors

Our Mission

 You have wanted to take the plunge and become an independent artist. The problem is finding the space to rent can be hard. Booth renting still requires you to work under someone. The freedom to decorate your space, use the products you love, or set the tone for your business is limited. Owning a large salon requires a lot of responsibility and you are looking for freedom Your options have been limited, until now. 

  C.B. Hair Suites has 8 single suites and 2 best friend suites. You can have full creative freedom to decorate your space as a true reflection of your business. We also have laundry receptacles on-site. There is convenient on street parking. 


We are located right in downtown Winchester, VA. 

Why Choose C.B. Suites?

We realize there are many options when choosing to become an independent artist. Finding the right space to rent can be hard to come by. It usually is followed by an expensive build out, having to find like-minded people to employ and endless responsibilities. Each suite is affordably priced for the individual stylist and ready for you to add your personal touch to begin work. We set you up for to easily start your dream business. We also offer:

  • One-week free rent after your first year to use as vacation.

  •  Affordable Health Insurance through Galileo.

  • One Month Maternity/Paternity Leave.

  • One- week free rent to set up your space.

  • Laundry receptacles on site.

  • Guidance on how to start your business.

  •  Single Suites are (12x12) Best friend are ( 15x19)

  • Ability to personalize your space.

  •  Utilities and WIFI are included. 

  • LED overhead lighting with open concept ceilings in suites. 

  • Bi-weekly cleaning services




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