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Take charge of your

At C.B. Hair Suites, we believe you know what's best for your business. Take charge of your future today and start your own salon or spa business. 


New Owner Experience

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What People Are Saying

"I love working at C.B. Hair Suites, it's a beautiful facility and it feels so awesome to work in my own space for myself. My guests love the relaxed atmosphere, and they feel so pampered. I am excited to be at the first suites in Winchester and even more excited that's it's a small, woman owned business. If you are thinking about taking the leap to owning your own beauty business, I highly recommend this spot. "

- Binx the colorist, Alchemy Hair Studio


"I am so happy to have found C.B. Hair Suites. It checked all the boxes of what I was looking for when considering where to open my permanent makeup studio. If you are wanting to go solo this is a wonderful place worth checking out. 

- Emma, Inktnique 

Opening my own suite was so easy! I love how I was able to make my space my own and now I'm working my dream job.

— Alex, Alex's Magical Manes


Why open your own suite?

Reason #1

Take control of your business. You can decide what your client experience

will look like, what days you want to work, and how to grow your business. You are in the drivers seat calling all the shots. 

Reason #2

Get away from salon drama, and stressful work environments. You can choose the type of business you want to create. Decide what you want to charge your clients and keep all the profits. 

Reason #3

Have fun decorating your space to match your vibes. Pick out the perfect product line for your clients. Work with the color line of your choice. Design your dream salon space without the headache of a great big salon. 

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